Trusted globally to deliver Information Security and Compliance Cloud solutions

Qualys cloud-based solutions are used by over 15,000 companies across the globe, including more than 70% of the Forbes Global 50. Born in the cloud, they have been working for over 20 years to develop industry-leading solutions. Their main focus is giving businesses the tools to consolidate their security and compliance solutions, saving time and money.

By using Qualys cloud platforms and integrated apps, businesses can access critical security intelligence on demand. This results in simplified security operations and a much lower cost of compliance.

Discover the benefits of automating the full spectrum of auditing, compliance and protection, with both IT systems and web applications:

• Infrastructure Security
• Cloud Security
• End Point Security
• DevOps
• Compliance
• WebApp Security

Instantly accessible and accurate

With cloud-based solutions there is no hardware to install and maintain, and no software to keep updated. Your IT operations are streamlined, with all security and compliance data available to view in real time. Whenever you need to respond to auditors or regulators, you have peace of mind that your data is instantly accessible and accurate.

Smart businesses are aware of the security risks posed by The Digital Transformation, with new vulnerabilities, risks and regulations seeming to appear daily. But with 7 out of the Forbes top 10 banking organisations and 5 out of the top 10 healthcare providers trusting Qualys to give them greater agility and business outcomes, you know you’re in good hands.

Vulnerability Management


C>Ways have partnered with Qualys to provide our clients with their vulnerability management service: an industry leading and award-winning solution. One of the unique advantages of leveraging Qualys’ cloud-based architecture is that each solution provides instant access to all the data gathered so it can be analysed and correlated to quickly identify vulnerabilities, recommend remediation actions and provide you with the most comprehensive protection.


External and Internal Vulnerability Testing


The external vulnerability test involves scanning up to 10 perimeter-facing IPs (servers) that access the internet. The test involves creating a domain with IP addresses (supplied by the client) which are then scanned against a knowledge base of over 30,000 current threats to identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for remedial action.


The internal vulnerability test focuses on internal IPs, checking for network vulnerabilities, hidden malware, and SSL security configuration errors. It would verify whether your Windows devices are implementing the Top 4 security controls as recommended by the Council on Cyber Security. It also checks if your devices are up-to-date and finds updates and patches for Microsoft Windows, Oracle Java, Adobe Flash, Reader and more.


Reporting and Recommendations


After the external and internal vulnerabilities tests, C>Ways will prepare a report of all the vulnerabilities found and recommendations of how to deal with them.  We will then arrange a follow up consultation with one of our network engineers to discuss the results.

Sector expertise

With sector expertise in schools, higher education, transport and logistics, healthcare, hospitality and leisure, retail and office space, we will find the most appropriate network solution for your current and future needs.

Higher & Further Education

Schools, Academies and MATs

Transport & Logistics


Hospitality & Leisure


Business Parks & Office Spaces