Physical and hybrid Cloud storage to ensure business continuity

NetApp’s data storage solutions allow businesses to store large amounts of data using both physical drives and hybrid clouds environments. Founded in the heart of the boom of the 90s, the company is now listed in the Fortune 500 and has celebrated over 25 years of technical innovation.
A big name in in the computer technologies industry, NetApp is known for specializing in data storage hardware and the management software associated with it. Their products are built with efficiency in mind, with keywords being Simplicity, Speed and Automation.

Net App aims to ensure business continuity through the availability of data and applications with service offerings of Cloud, Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure and Flash Storage, plus data storage and security.


  • Tools to ensure optional performance of your data and applications
  •  End-user computing (EUC) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions to support your remote workers
  • Insights to protect and optimize your hybrid cloud infrastructure (public or private

The goal for all users is the modernisation and simplification of IT operations, especially when it comes to remote workers. NetApp can also help you prepare for and even avoid potential disruptions.

Sector expertise

With sector expertise in schools, higher education, transport and logistics, healthcare, hospitality and leisure, retail and office space, we will find the most appropriate network solution for your current and future needs.

Higher & Further Education

Schools, Academies and MATs

Transport & Logistics


Hospitality & Leisure


Business Parks & Office Spaces