Built on a versatile, open-architecture platform, Traffic Sense allows you to continuously improve your procedures and harness emerging technologies.

At a glance

Routine task automation  |  Communicate effectively  |  Optimise third-party data
An intelligent solution for transportation systems managers, operations managers and town/city traffic managers, bring all your traffic data together in one place, including incident identification, verification, management and communication.

This single source of truth allows you to automate routine tasks and allows personnel to act quickly – responding to an incident or traffic congestion with detours, for example. For quicker resolution and clear view of any situation, third-party data can be pulled into your traffic operations system, displayed on a single, intuitive interface. Faster identification leads to faster intervention and reduced risk of secondary incidents. Free up your operators’ attention to focus on the urgent issues.

Improve the driver experience and manage expectations using travel time technologies and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), Bluetooth and third-party data streams to communicate in a timely manner.

Providing strategic insight, Traffic Sense allows you to evaluate where to invest in new infrastructure and assess the impact of new programs (such as car sharing) by measuring changes in travel time and vehicle volume on your roads.

Trouble-shooting today’s traffic problems, but also ready for tomorrow’s, Traffic Sense integrates with new technology and tools as they emerge, allowing you to expand your understanding of road conditions without installing new hardware.

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