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Powerful day to day protection  |  Adaptable and scalable  |  Operator centric
The modern security landscape has evolved beyond doors and walls, exposing orgnisations to new cybersecurity threats. With advanced security measures and support for an ever-growing number of third-party access control devices, Security Center Synergis™ IP ACS gives you the confidence to protect your people and assets.

Leveraging any of your existing network and security equipment investments, such as video and intrusion, the Synergis system flexibly adapts to your environment, whether you need to secure a sprawling multi-site facility, or a much smaller location. Protect your security system from cyber threats with end-to-end encrypted communications for software and hardware, secure claims-based authentication and digital certificates.

The operator experience is always a priority. To avoid human error, confusion or alarm fatigue, modern ACS solutions must focus on the operator’s perspective, empowering them through a unified and a dynamic approach to security and access rights management. The Synergis system provides efficient workflows and greater automation through its unified platform, allowing more time to be dedicated to monitoring critical tasks. For multi-site organisations, the Synergis system monitors remote independent sites, consolidating information in a central place. This also streamlines your access control operations by managing cardholders from a single location, with access options for all your sites.

A more affordable Software as a Service (SaaS) edition is available, bringing benefits such as regular system updates and automatic maintenance to minimise downtime.

Organisations are able to choose the hardware that best suits their evolving needs plus access to the latest ACS technology as the Genetec ecosystem expands.

As a key pillar of the Genetec unified platform, Security Center, you can merge your access control needs with other security applications such as video surveillance. Scalable to respond to your organisation over time, combine core features, advanced features and add-ons to create a truly flexible IP-based ACS solution.

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