Genetec Retail Sense analytics gives you the opportunity to decode customer behaviour and turn data into actionable insights.

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Drive store traffic  |  Accelerate conversions  |  Unlock intelligence
When you have a handle on shop footfall and understanding of your shopper demographics, you can shape marketing and signage to drive traffic and increase sales. Retail Sense presents shopper traffic data in conjunction with marketing initiatives on dashboards to measure campaign results.

Retail marketers are able to correlate conversion rates directly to a store’s promotion calendar, improve promotion effectiveness, offers, staffing, product placement and store layout decisions thanks to metrics such as visitor counting, directional analysis and reporting.


In-store shoppers choose a physical store because it offers more than the online experience; 90% of consumers are more likely to convert when helped by a knowledgeable associate*. In-store expertise can be invaluable in driving purchase volumes and Retail Sense can optimise this, for example by flagging busy departments where assistance is needed. It also provides retail operations managers with real-time in-store performance across multiple locations to understand what drives conversions. Take an agile approach to staffing to capitalise on a rush of consumers.


of consumers are more likely to convert when helped by a knowledgeable associate*

For merchandisers, Retail Sense uncovers trends in cross-shopping behaviour to perfect product placement, store layout and tailoring inventory replenishment. Unlocking intelligence, you’ll be able to make decisions based on clear insight. Retail Sense will amalgamate disparate sources of information within a single platform to gain an overview of your operations, supply chain and customer data.

Working with new or existing installations, this solution is compatible with Genetec Security Center, allowing you to use your existing hardware.

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