Resilient and always up-to-the-minute, Synergis SaaS heightens security and increases your readiness to respond to incidents and threats.

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Powerful day to day protection  |  No complex installation  |  Upgrade your existing hardware
Security Center Synergis™ SaaS edition is Genetec’s Access Control as a Service offering. Synergis is an enterprise-grade ACS that is now more affordable to deploy and negates maintenance. Protect your security system from cyber threats with end-to-end encrypted communications for software and hardware, secure claims-based authentication and digital certificates.

Put simply, choosing SaaS means your organisation will benefit from an innovative, intelligent ACS that your IT staff won’t need to deploy, install or maintain. You can also save even more costs by re-using access control equipment even if it’s not cloud-ready. Synergis™ Cloud Link connects your existing on-premises hardware to the cloud, reliably and securely. This intelligent PoE-enabled appliance maintains your existing controllers, modules, electronic locks, wiring and infrastructure enabling a wide range of advanced functionalities including real-time IP connectivity, threat level management and area lockdown.

Through an ever-expanding ACS partner ecosystem, you’ll be making a sustainable, secure investment and be freed from non-proprietary hardware.

Genetec Synergis also supports a portfolio of access control hardware from leading manufacturers including SALTO, HID and Mercury Security to offer you flexibility and value.

The Genetec Synergis IP access control system (ACS) allows you to choose the hardware that best meets your organisation’s physical security needs, from protecting a single building to geographically dispersed sites.

As the modern security landscape evolves beyond doors and walls, protect your people and assets from intrusion and cybersecurity threats with a resilient SaaS ACS solution.

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