Unified security without compromise, for the everyday

In our mobile and connected world, the only way to keep people, assets and data safe is through robust, unified intelligence. Optimise and protect your operations with the comprehensive security approach from Genetec.

Harmonising security, access and vehicle tracking, Genetec’s Security Centre balances free movement with protection, encompassing:

  • Security Centre Omnicast for video management
  • Security Centre Synergis for access control
  • Security Centre AutoVu for automatic number plate recognition

Protecting the Everyday

Augmenting flow across activities, Security Centre analyses raw data and turns this into insight and evidence, enabling the highest security levels for organisations, governments and cities. Automating routine tasks, it provides a single platform to manage devices and a clear interface to view, communicate and act upon all tasks. Core modules can be enhanced with plugins and add-ons for a bespoke solution with end-to-end unification at its heart.

Blur the boundary between physical and IT security with workflow, rules and policies. Stop managing cards doors, cameras and credentials, and start managing identities, attributes and policies like we do with enterprise IT systems.

Security Centre is more than integration. It’s built from the ground up for a unified, consistent and intuitive user experience, all managed from one application rather than multiple disparate systems. Flexible and scalable, this sustainable solution addresses your security needs today and tomorrow, tapping into new technologies as they emerge.
If you share Genetec’s long-term vision of building a complete understanding of your global security to protect against physical and cyber threats, talk to us today

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  • Citigraf decision support system
  • Genetec Clearance collaborative investigation management
  • Retail Sense consumer intelligence


  • Mission Control collaborative decision management
  • Traffic Sense unified mobility operations
  • Genetec Clearance collaborative investigation management
  • Genetec ClearID physical identity and access management


  • Security Center unified security platform
  • Omicast video surveillance
  • Synergis access control
  • AutoVu automatic license plate recognition
  • Stratocast cloud-based video monitoring
  • Hardware and appliances
  • Turnkey security infrastructure solutions
  • Access control hardware
  • Access control as a service

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