Powerful Security Information and Event Management to protect your business.

FortiSIEM’s security solutions provide an effective antidote to the constant threat of cyberattacks faced by businesses on a daily basis. The sheer quantity, complexity and growth of Infrastructure, Applications, VM’s, Cloud, Endpoints and IoT means the potential for successful breaches, and therefore the number of things that businesses need to monitor, has grown exponentially.

Understanding that effective security relies on visibility but also context (i.e. knowing which devices represent a threat and what their capability is) is key to managing these risks. Fortinet’s Multivendor Security Incident and Events Management solution brings together Visibility, Correlation, Automated Response and Remediation in a single, scalable solution.

FortiSIEM have identified three major challenges that limit rapid incident response:

• The difficulty of seeing and prioritizing threats amongst vast amounts of unaggregated data
• Understaffed or undertrained IT teams
• Compliance obligations taking time and resources away from threat identification and response.

The security information and event management systems established by FortiSIEM address these challenges.

Reducing the complexity of managing network and security operations

An incredible 80% of security breaches worldwide go undetected due to the strain of the cybersecurity skills gap and event information ‘white noise’. FortiSIEM’s expertise allows them to provide the cross correlation, machine learning and UEBA required to improve response and stop breaches even before they occur.

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