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State-of-the-art cloud technologies  |  Real-time control and visibility  |  Maximise uptime and security
Replace human-reliant legacy systems with a completely new approach to end-to-end network management and operations. Delivering a fully integrated, scalable platform, ExtremeCloud™ IQ unlocks valuable insights including network health KPIs.

ExtremeCloud™ IQ encompasses unified, full-stack management of wireless access points, switches and routers. Using innovative machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, it analyses and interprets millions of network and user data points from the network edge to the data centre. ExtremeCloud™ IQ includes cutting-edge security to protect your business, data and customers and achieves 99.99999% uptime (excluding maintenance windows).

Operating on Extreme’s third generation Cloud Services architecture, capable of supporting millions of infrastructure devices and hundreds of millions of clients per Regional Data Centre, all Extreme Cloud Services components are protected by 24/7 monitoring, scheduled backups and build-in disaster recovery capabilities. Create third party applications and user experiences using a full suite of cloud-optimised open APIs.


monitoring, scheduled backups and build-in disaster recovery capabilities

Key features of ExtremeCloud™ Include

  • Auto-provisioning
  • Visual dashboard for a 360-degree network overview
  • Anonymous comparative analytics

Application visibility and control, guided workflows and native cloud management of Wi-Fi, switching and SD-WAN. Deployment options include public cloud, private cloud and local cloud.

Unlock deep analytics with ExtremeCloud™ IQ and benefit from unrivalled resiliency, flexibility and agility for unlimited business and IT potential.

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