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These wireless appliances are simple to deploy and support more than 2,000 access points (APs) or 100,000 user devices. Define how your application’s wireless traffic is processed in accordance with business requirements, without architectural constraints or compromising on quality.

Each access point offers the ability to seamlessly roam between wireless appliances and access points, providing scalability and ease of deployment. Role-based access control also reduces unnecessary and time-consuming administration.

The ExtremeWireless Appliance portfolio includes:

• The C25 supporting up to 100 access points (APs)
• The C35 supporting up to 250 APs
• The V2110 supporting up to 1,050 APs (VMware)
• The C5210 supporting up to 2,000 APs

For the business, support for demanding voice/video/data applications enhances mobile worker productivity and convenience whilst role-based grouping meets security and QoS parameters. Users benefit from a consistent high-quality experience regardless of location. Centralised visibility and control enable you to simplify management, accelerate problem resolution, optimise network utilisation and automate response to wireless threats. Keep productivity high with adaptive architecture that optimises information flow for each application.

In terms of security, appliances use standards-based encryption (WEP, TKIP, WPA, WPA2, WPA- PSK, WPA2-PSK, and AES) and provide Denial of Service (DoS) protection for management, control and data traffic. Role-based access control extends to guest access, protected by integrated wired and wireless intrusion prevention.

For large deployments, Extreme Wireless further simplifies the management of thousands of APs by creating mobility zones that extend roaming. These zones maintain the individual policies throughout the entire zone, ensuring that policies follow the user regardless of physical location for up to 12,000 AP deployments. They also maintain the VNS (Virtual Network Service) definitions – an adaptive and flexible WLAN architecture pertaining to ExtremeWireless. Network administrators can select how traffic will be handled (centralised or distributed) on a per-SSID basis so that the WLAN infrastructure constantly adapts to business requirements and applications

Extreme Wireless customers benefit from industry-leading customer care and services including training.

The Extreme Wireless Appliance portfolio

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