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Intelligent security analytics  |  Helps you stay compliant  |  Massively scalable
Extreme AI Security offers an innovative approach to network security that leverages Extreme Analytics, AI and machine learning to provide deep visibility into the lateral movement of malicious traffic.

The traditional network perimeter is evolving due to the expansion of BYOD, IoT, cloud computing and outsourcing. Whilst these are critical for digital transformation, they also restrict network visibility and blur the lines between trusted and unsafe zones.

As a result, today’s cyber threats seek to penetrate perimeter defences and move laterally across networks, often undetected. A granular approach incorporating security analytics to monitor, detect and remediate threats is essential.

ExtremeAI Security delivers deep visibility and detection of malicious traffic and real-time monitoring of IoT devices for behavioural anomalies, enlightening enterprise networks and exposing attackers. It quickly contains threats to stop them moving across – and disrupting – networks.

This proactive approach allows human analysts to focus their attention on security breaches that have been automatically identified as serious threats. Key benefits for your business include faster resolution time, greater insights, regulatory compliance and improved forensics resulting in continuously enhanced network security.

Easy to implement, Extreme AI Security offers a zero-touch, zero-configuration approach negating supervised training. It works well on a multi-vendor network and complements existing security toolsets, including next generation firewalls and SIEM tools

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