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Network security and safety  |  Superior user experience  |  Operational efficiency
Rely on Extreme Management Center to gain granular insights, visibility and automated control to maximise uptime and make decisions driven by real-time data.

Extreme Management empowers your network to meet your changing business objectives. Successfully automate and execute new technologies such as IoT implementations whilst staying secure and stable and limiting operational costs.

Create a superior experience for staff, partners and customers via real-time monitoring and troubleshooting of networks and applications. By analysing user adoption and usage of applications, you can make business decisions on policies, devices and people with confidence. Achieve greater operational efficiency by maximising your time-to-value with Zero Touch Provisioning and optimise workflows with flexible groupings and filtering for reporting.


monitoring, scheduled backups and build-in disaster recovery capabilities

Extreme Management™

Extreme Management Center supports Ethernet Routing Switches and Extreme’s Virtual Services Platforms to leverage unique virtualisation technologies for real-time service agility. With fully automated policy setting and testing, you can take risks without the risks. It integrates the following product components along with Extreme Management to provide a single view of your wired and wireless network:

  • ExtremeControl for security through in-depth visibility and control over users, devices and applications.
  • ExtremeAnalytics to speed up troubleshooting by separating network from application performance so you can quickly identify root causes.
  • ExtremeConnect to automate day-to-day operations through open APIs and integrate with third party services such as security, mobile device management analytics.
  • Information Governance Engine to help ensure your configurations across your entire wired and wireless network comply to HIPAA and PCI.

Extreme Management Center gives you the choice of hardware appliance or virtual appliance to suit and support your IT infrastructure. Our Professional Services can help you design, deploy and optimize your network, and provide tailored technical training.

Supporting up to 10,000 managed devices and also available as a virtual appliance, find out more about Extreme Management Center.

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