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Business aligned  |  Access security  |  Operational efficiency
ExtremeControl™ offers visibility and control across wired and wireless networks by applying granular policy control over end points effortlessly.

Allowing your business imperatives to drive the network, ExtremeControl™ enables critical initiatives such as BYOD (bring your own device) and IoT (internet of things) without the associated security risks or disruption.

The simplified solution is perfect for multitenancy and constantly changing environments, empowering you to prevent unauthorised users, compromised devices and even third-party equipment threatening your corporate data.

Extreme Control™

Meet compliance without the complications by scaling granular policies across the network to meet internal policy and external regulation. Guest users and employees can self-serve access to the network without IT assistance, making day to day business run smoothly and securely. By assigning a
role-based identity to users that follows them around the network, enjoy 24/7 peace of mind whilst granting the access they need.

The proactive approach of ExtremeControl includes automatic performance alerting to minimise administration, monitoring and service disruptions. Gain in-depth visibility with a simplified view across the entire network and maintain consistent security with real-time reporting.

Available as a rack-mounted server or virtual appliance. With per-user pricing, we can align to your business and budget.

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