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Network security  |  Business and security insights  |  Operational efficiency
For context-based visibility, ExtremeAnalytics correlates all data collected from users, devices and applications in a single data store without requiring dedicated probes.

Obtain real-time analytics across your VMWare based virtual environments and workload and application flow visibility into your cloud environment. With accelerated troubleshooting and automatic performance alerting, you can focus IT time and resources on strategic business initiatives.

Protect your entire organisation with Geo Location, providing visibility into the data traffic going between different sites. Analyse multi-site network performance and users and be alerted to anomalies that may slow the network or indicate a cyber-attack.

Our virtual sensor provides real-time visibility and analytics to virtual environments to monitor application flows to your multi-cloud infrastructure and eliminate virtualisation blindspots. This granular approach enables you to troubleshoot virtual application issues whilst increasing network security (analysing suspicious data packets) and optimising virtual workloads. Extreme’s Wireless Event Analyzer makes it efficient to troubleshoot and visualise all wireless clients too.

Extreme Analytics amalgamates rich contextual data from on-premises applications, public cloud applications and social media applications to provide a complete picture of what, who, where and how the network is being used.

Working closely with Extreme Control, information such as user, role, device type, and location is integrated with the application flows. Extreme Analytics includes more than 10,000 behavioural detection-based fingerprints and can identify more than 2,300 applications, with open and customisable capability.

Available as a rack-mounted server or virtual appliance, find out more about Extreme Analytics

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