Smarter storage to give IT departments maximum flexibility

DataCore are the leading authority on SDS (Software-Defined Storage) with over 10,000 customers benefiting from a more modern way of storing, protecting and accessing data. SDS as a concept has been around for several years, but many are yet to recognise it’s true potential. Essentially it means separating storage software from its underlying hardware: administered and managed correctly, it increases performance, availability and efficiency.

The benefits of using a DataCore SDS system:

• Facilitates programmability and automation
• Up to 5x acceleration of performance speed
• Future proof with no hardware vendor lock-in
• Downtime reduced by up to 100%
• Ability to scale up or down as required
• Total cost of ownership lowered by up to 50%

SDS future of the storage industry

DataCore believe SDS is the future of the storage industry and a more flexible approach to data management. They offer a unified platform of primary, secondary and archive storage, all managed with one dashboard.

Nasa’s Stennis Space Center uses a DataCore SDS solution for mission-critical applications, with the Systems Support Manager praising the superior caching and performance acceleration capabilities. Their extensive product suite has also been given various awards by leading industry organizations and publications.

Sector expertise

With sector expertise in schools, higher education, transport and logistics, healthcare, hospitality and leisure, retail and office space, we will find the most appropriate network solution for your current and future needs.

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