Combining intelligent technology and human imagination for a smarter, safer world.

Axis creates network solutions to improve security and to find new ways of doing business. The company was founded with the aim of changing the way people use and think about digital devices. Early adopters of the huge potential of connectivity and IoT, Axis works with their partners to deliver best-of-breed, market-leading security solutions all over the globe.

Ensure scalability and simple integration with a wide range of IP-based video surveillance solutions, including cameras and encoders, Video Management Software and recorders, analytics and applications. The access control solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with other systems, by being open, scalable and flexible.

Their areas of expertise are:

• Network video and audio solutions

• Analytics and access control

• The protection of people and property

• Increasing business efficiency and information access

Adding new dimensions with Axis

The keyword for how Axis operates is ‘innovation’. Innovation to keep people connected in a constantly changing world, working with the latest advances in technology and trends to answer market needs. Now more than ever people want to feel secure, and new network technologies makes that security possible and accessible on a large scale.

Axis have won many awards over the years, which have acknowledged their dedicated focus on innovative solutions, attractive and environmentally friendly product design, and corporate culture. Their main aim is to optimize security and business performance for their customers while making sure the solutions are as simple and user-friendly as possible – all the way from installation to operation.

Sector expertise

With sector expertise in schools, higher education, transport and logistics, healthcare, hospitality and leisure, retail and office space, we will find the most appropriate network solution for your current and future needs.

Higher & Further Education

Schools, Academies and MATs

Transport & Logistics


Hospitality & Leisure


Business Parks & Office Spaces