Data Analytics – Shaping The Physical Security Landscape 

We are in an era where data security is the new physical security. Gone are the days when organisations could afford to take a reactive approach to security. In this article, we will explore how modern physical security solutions and VMS Software can help you gather use data analytics for greater insight and optimisation of your security strategy and management.

The concept of physical security has evolved over the years with terrorist attacks, global pandemics, and an increasingly digitised world. The term now refers to not only protecting physical assets, but also securing data assets – ensuring availability, integrity, confidentiality, and auditability.

Data Analytics for Physical Security

The way we manage and organise our physical security has changed drastically in recent years. With so many threats to our livelihood on either side of our doors, it is more important than ever to make informed decisions about how best to organise and manage our defences. One of the ways in which we can do that is by using data analytics.

Getting Insight Through a Single Source

A critical element in managing security is having the ability to visualise and manage operations through a single interface.  Video Management Software (VMS) market has seen rapid growth in recent years. Advancements in technology has made it possible for organisations to have footage analysed within minutes of recording it. This gives them complete insight into when things happen within their facility/building on a minute-by-minute basis.

As the number of devices (cameras, sensors, door access) needing to be managed grows, all this incoming data can now be collated into a single interface, delivering a simplistic and intuitive view for staff that informative and effective use of time. This has become even more important with the recent pandemic, new challenges have arisen around the management of spaces and the flow of people.Many traditional methods of managing security are now unable to keep up with demands. Having a unified approach and view of all thing’s ‘security allows data intelligence to drive decisions, collaboration, and intervention’.

The connected system also delivers new ways of working and tracking threat vectors, including object and people tracking. The change that these new systems have delivered to organisations is evident when you speak to those that work there.


Data Analysis and the Modern Security System

Rather than operating multiple physical security systems, Modern solutions such as Genetec’s Security Center offer a tailored dashboard and view of your entire security estate. This provides on-the-fly insight and analytics that can be used across real-time operations, as well as reporting, analysis, and legal purposes.

Take video surveillance as just one example.

Historically IPCCTV and physical security can be made up of different vendors/solutions, requiring different systems and expertise and bringing it all together was a challenge. With modern VMS systems, you can now unify these under a single system and interrogate the data to pull our threats and alerts for your attention. Ultimately, these tools all help users understand, classify and process information faster, enabling better decisions.

Analytics can also be used for critical tasks such as automatic people counting, queue length monitoring, flow, footfall management, and even assessing the video cameras’ maintenance status and flagging if they have been tampered with.

But it doesn’t stop there. Integrate technologies like access control, and your unified system can deliver even greater value than who is in and who’s out. Combined with data analytics, this allows you to go far beyond the capabilities of traditional security solutions.

Data… The Champion of Security 

In the age technology dominates daily life, it is not surprising that organisations are now turning to intelligent devices to help them monitor and manage their physical security. The post has looked at how these technologies are impacted organisations and can be used to deliver a safer environment and efficient security practice.

The future of intelligence security looks bright as more organisations turn to automated monitoring solutions, which provide detailed and advanced analytics for managing physical security. The analysis will be done by algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, allowing operators to see patterns or alerts about any unusual activity without having to scroll through hours of footage manually.

In short, when it comes to physical security, taking steps to make sense of your data makes perfect sense.

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