Strategic solutions for retail to increase customer loyalty and spend

Providing great customer service in today’s retail market is about much more than just a smile at the till. Consumers looking to spend money are presented with a mind-boggling array of options, and in the fight for customer loyalty, the winners will be the ones with technology on their side.

How can C>Ways help?

C>Ways are specialists in designing and delivering systems and networks for retail clients. Canny retail businesses are moving with the times and making sure that their online and physical stores are working together rather than being two separate entities. Strategic IT solutions by C>Ways can give you the tools you need to provide world-class customer service: personal touches like greeting someone by name when they collect a delivery can make all the difference when it comes to return spend.

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Why customers choose us

  • Over 23 years’ experience in supporting enterprise and education
  • Comprehensive portfolio of IT services to meet your needs
  • Support from UK based team
  • Experience across many different sectors
  • 24/7/365 support across the UK and Europe
  • ISO 27001/9001 and Cyber Essentials
  • Certified custom solutions to remove your challenges and pains

Benefits of our solutions

• Installing fast, reliable networks for high capacity environments

• Providing WiFi for both customer and staff use (e.g. handheld POS and stock checking devices)

• Business intelligence to monitor and measure customer behaviour

• Increasing online and in-store conversions and footfall

• Consultation and support on customer service strategy

• Bespoke applications for services like Click and Collect and VIP customer alerts

• Dedicated technical support for 24/7 peace of mind

The retail market is a fickle one with many overheads - businesses looking to thrive and not just survive need to make sure their IT systems are working hard.

Smart WiFi reveals the secrets of customer behavior

Providing speedy, reliable WiFi in your physical retail space not only gets you bonus points from your browsing customers, it can give you vital data too. Monitoring and measuring information like footfall patterns and dwell time gives you an insight into shopping behaviour and trends, allowing you to tailor your marketing and optimise visual merchandising. You can also use this information to improve and personalise customer communications.

Working with our strategic partners like Axis, Mobotix and Genetec, we can offer advanced Retail Sense products: a powerful analytics tool that turns the data you’re collecting into actionable consumer insights. This can be used in conjunction with your marketing strategy to increase footfall in your physical stores and accelerate conversions online.

Frequently asked questions

We have experience across many different sectors including Legal, Education, Transport and Manufacturing. Whatever the nuances of your industry you can be assured that we have the understanding and expertise to make a difference to you.

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