The Problem

The new site needed a highly resilient IT infrastructure with built-in redundancy, scalability, durability and reliability. As well as this the new solution had to be capable of integrating and interoperating with their existing IT infrastructure deployed at existing sites, including virtual and storage environments being migrated to the new site as well as the handheld scanners and Spectra Logic handsets being utilised across the warehouse.

The Solution

Key considerations in the design were low maintenance costs, longevity of product lifetimes and ease of ongoing configuration and management. C> Ways installed a fully redundant, highly resilient Extreme Network Fabric with no single point of failure. Fabric Connect technology makes the need to configure network-wide VLANS obsolete; replaces multiple sequential legacy protocols with one single unified technology; totally removes the risk of network loops; delivers an Edge-only provisioning model which seamlessly integrates with orchestration and automation; and fully optimizes all links and all devices enabling businesses to get the most out of infrastructure investments.

Extreme Network was used for the security and control of the network which ensures that all end-user devices connected to the network have the correct level of privileges and access to systems. In addition, it allows The Works to set centralised policies to restrict access ensuring adherence to company policy across the network. C> Ways designed and installed a highly resilient non-disruptive Fortinet wireless network solution with no single point of failure to cover the 24×7 picking tower operation, 200sqm warehousing operation and office areas. Continuous up-time for the picking tower operation is essential as down-time costs the business in the region of £50k per hour. Genetec was chosen to provide a unified solution for management of IP security including CCTV, Access Control and automatic number plate recognition. Genetec is highly scalable, feature-rich and supports all major IP security vendors. This solution affords the highest level of protection available

against theft as well as preventing unauthorised access to the building or restricted areas within the building.

Return In Investment

By meeting these technical requirements at a cost-effective price point, C>Ways solution ensured the greatest return on investment by minimising the costs associated with downtime, management and maintenance of the IT infrastructure whilst providing leading edge technology to the business.