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Our goal is to provide practical solutions that allow for evolving challenges as your needs change. With decades of experience designing, delivering, and supporting video surveillance, perimeter detection and access control systems – we are able to produce cost-effective security measures designed for today’s ever-changing world.

From educational institutes to retail, our intuitive solutions offer the latest cloud-based technology and smart features. Deal with threats appropriately, optimise security teams’ productivity via routine task automation, and benefit from up-to-the-minute software and analytics.

Physical security information management (PSIM) is driving benefits across organisations including improved control, operational efficiency, analytics and reporting. By aggregating data from unconnected devices and systems, PSIM software solutions enable intelligent decision making and optimal user experiences.

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Industry Leading Solutions from Genetec

Security Centre from our strategic partner Genetec integrates seamlessly with other aspects of your environment including IT security systems. ‘Protecting the everyday’, Genetec’s solution harmonises security, access and vehicle tracking, encompassing:

• Security Centre Omnicast for video management
• Security Centre Synergis for IP access control
• Security Centre AutoVu for automatic number plate recognition


Real-time peace of mind

Omnicast is a next generation video engine with built-in failover, high availability and redundancy to ensure your live and recorded video is always available. Whether managing security at one site or across multiple sites this solution is open and scalable, offering enterprise-class security for today and tomorrow. Protect your system, data and people with at-rest and in-transit encryption, managed certificates, authenticated connectivity and automated anonymisation of video streams. To complement this, we work with leading technology vendors to provide resilient cybersecurity solutions tailored to your business to reduce risk, vulnerabilities, avoid business disruption and data leakage. By taking an agnostic approach, our next generation solutions can be deployed on-premises or hosted in the cloud (SaaS).
Thinking beyond doors, the intelligent Synergis system is flexible and scalable, offering the opportunity to merge access control with other security applications such as video, intrusion and communication. AutoVu offers enhanced security through ALPR (automatic license plate recognition) for smart security. Act on triggers and alarms across your entire system as soon as a threat, such as a vehicle of interest, is detected.


Unfortunately, the sustained rise in cyber criminality poses a real threat to networks. Our strategic partner Extreme Networks leverages the power and intelligence of AI and machine learning to protect your organisation as cyber threats grow in sophistication, volume and malice. With a new granular approach to network security, ExtremeAI Security is critical in the era of digital transformation and the autonomous enterprise. It delivers deep visibility and detection of malicious traffic and real-time monitoring of IoT devices and quickly contains threats to stop them moving across – and disrupting – networks. The award-winning Extreme Wireless family provides a scalable range of solutions ideal for managed WLAN deployments supporting demanding voice/video/data applications. Appliances use standards-based encryption (WEP, TKIP, WPA, WPA2, WPA- PSK, WPA2-PSK, and AES) and provide Denial of Service (DoS) protection for management, control and data traffic.

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Whether you're head of estates for a university looking to monitor the campus or head of security at an arena needing real-time people tracking with C>Ways and Genetec, we can help. From corporate buildings to arenas, our experts know how best to keep your company safe. With 24 years of experience behind us, it doesn't matter what type of business you're running - no matter who comes through those doors - we've got your back!

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Our team of specialists can find the right connection to keep your digital world moving.

  • Over 24 years’ expertise in supporting Enterprise, Education and Public Sector
  • Broad portfolio of vendors and technologies
  • Range of finance options and services
  • Support from our experienced and accredited UK based team
  • Fully compliant with the latest standards and regulations
  • Trusted with ISO 27001/9001 and Cyber Essentials certifications
  • Experienced with RFQ and Tender compilation

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    In today’s wireless networks 802.11n, 802.11ac, 802.11ax is are the three widely used standards.

    We work extensively with the Public Sector and Education, helping organisations to map and understand technology needs. Working together, we can ensure that any RFQ’s and Tenders are built around the right outcomes and don’t waste unnecessary time.

    We have a range of managed IT Solutions but don’t support end users. Our expertise is ensuring your network performs, and our Co-Managed IT services do just that. We also have a range of Managed Cyber Security and Cloud solutions.


    We take security very seriously and offer a comprehensive range of solutions to help secure your network and users. You can find out more about our security services Here >>

    The IT industry and vendors are driving towards a subscription cloud-based model, and we partner with some of the leading providers of IaaS and Cloud. From Azure to AWS and OVHCloud, we can help scope, migrate and manage complex environments and infrastructure.

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