Let’s Get Physical – With Security

Security is a precarious balancing act for holiday park operators. From the moment they set off your guests and holidaymakers expect that things will go without incident will be safe and well.

One of the most significant challenges you face each season is managing visitor expectations and enjoyment during peak periods and if you have residential guest potentially all year. Safety and security is a concern for everyone but for holiday parks and public services it is vital. Aside from the desire to reduce crime, Holiday Parks need to ensure that any guests looking to make memories, can also do so without feeling oppressed.

However, no one wants to see 6-foot razor-wire fences or grizzly looking security guards patrolling the perimeter like it is a prison camp. (although Butlins Skegness did feel like that at times, I recall from my holidays of old. Security measures need to be almost invisible until they needed with security staff, particularly, a reassuring presence for guests.

Adopt a Layered Approach

Throughout history, security has required a layered approach, castles had moats, high walls, gates, and if you breached them, spiral staircases were another step in the deterrent to conquer.
Our homes have gates, door locks, alarms and CCTV, and your security needs the same focus on attention, adopt a “What if” way of thinking to allow you to see different scenarios/challenges. You will never be able to protect something 100% but can take confident steps to do so.

Understand and Map Security needs

Spend time to run a security Risk Assessment, on the park and offices, thinking about any potential risks. Map your current procedures and solutions and look to identify if you have any gaps that require attention. Also review, could things be done smarter or automated in any way to reduce workforce requirements?

Protecting the Perimeter

You need to ensure that the perimeter defences provide adequate protection and have security coverage. It is no-good putting bars at windows and cameras on the front of a bank, whilst leaving the back door open.

Security cameras have come a long way in just a few years, and Internet Protocol (IP) camera technology is excellent and reliable, providing HD images both day and night. This technology has evolved to be so much more than just a camera and with the ability to derive into detail within images can deliver some fantastic intelligence. For example, you are looking for a lost child in red shoes, and blue jumper, the AI within the security system can locate people in images matching that very description.

Play the video below to discover the next generation of IP Video Surveillance.


Barring The Way for Thieves

Physical deterrents like barriers and bollards can be very efficient tools in the security portfolio and do an exceptional job of keeping vehicles out, preventing theft burglaries from residents or holidaymakers.
Whilst they won’t keep humans on foot out, with your cameras, these can provide a great solution to control and monitor your park.
Barriers can also be automated and integrated with camera solutions providing Auto Number Plate Recognition Systems (ANPR) which means your customers can come and go as they please, but unknown vehicles will need to stop and report to reception before accessing the site. This highlights some of the benefits of a joined-up approach to your security.

Get Physical

It is not uncommon for a lodge or caravan to now have a nice flatscreen TV, Skybox, DVD etc., all of these highlight sellable items target by thieves.Aside from entry points in the park, you also need to review your physical security, especially when it comes round to securing lodges and caravans.
You could also look to fit alarms systems, and many of these are now modular, allowing you to scale and adapt the different sensors and mechanisms you need. These are also available as wireless systems adding even more flexibility and control.
Ensure access points are secured, locks conform to standards and are secure. Some parks now opt for coded entry systems, providing additional control and monitoring, all of which can link into other security systems and recorded. For caravans, you could also look to fit tracking devices which have now become inexpensive and record all necessary registration and VIN details.

Ensure You Have set Secure ID Procedures.

Every employee in your organisation musty have a set of access privileges, and these need to be documented and controlled. Should the temp you have hired for a couple of days have full access to everyone’s chalets or caravans? And who does have access rights?
This same approach also applies to the digital world and data, who can and should have access to HR files and are these protected, and permissions granted?

Maintain Your Measures

If you have differing security measure in place, it is vital that you take the time and maintain all of these measures. From fencing to door locks ensure these are fit for purpose and ensure updates are applied to security software and systems. Ensure that you also map and review security regularly.

Check the Insurance Small Print

Insurances can be expensive and even more so if you discover you have not met your insurer’s standard requirements for security. Insurers can reward those that invest in security with lower premiums. Still, at a minimum, you need to check if your insurer has any security requirements that must be met to be complaint.


At C>Ways we provide the expertise and equipment to protect your premises and have been delivering both physical and Cyber Security solutions across the UK for over 23 years. We offer a broad range of hardware and solutions to help you deliver the right solution for the right budget and provide a range of payment options to ensure that security is affordable.

If you would like to discuss security or how we can help call Zoe Grant our Purchasing for Parks Account Director on 0333 344 8971 or email zoe.grant@cways.co.uk