Know Your Data. Protect What Matters.

Reclaim control over sensitive, regulated and business-critical data

Netwrix solutions are used by organisations worldwide to secure sensitive data, realize the full business value of enterprise content, pass compliance audits with less effort and expense, and increase the productivity of IT teams and knowledge workers.

Netwrix Auditor was specifically developed to ease the burden of IT auditing. It’s an agentless data security platform that allows businesses to accurately identify sensitive, regulated and mission-critical information. Users can apply access controls consistently, regardless of where the information is stored.

The platform enables users to minimize the risk of data breaches and ensure regulatory compliance by reducing the exposure of sensitive data and detecting policy violations and suspicious user behavior. It’s popular for the broad and deep coverage of on-premises and cloud IT systems, accurate data classification and non-intrusive architecture.

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Netwrix Auditor Benefits

Understand which data needs protection and how exposed it is

Identify and classify sensitive data, both structured and unstructured, and infrastructure risks that might endanger its security.

Make more informed incident response decisions

Reduce mean time to respond to data security threats and contain incidents.

Facilitate the recovery of key data and learn from past incidents

Review comprehensive details about how a security incident happened and what data was affected.

Minimize the risk of a data breach

See who has access to what and proactively remediate the overexposure of sensitive, regulated and mission-critical data.

Promptly detect data security threats

Spot abnormal user behavior and policy violations that threaten data security.

Achieve and prove regulatory compliance

Proactively assess the effectiveness of your data security controls and prove your compliance to auditors with hard evidence.

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Why Choose Netwrix Auditor?

Broad and deep coverage of on-premises and cloud IT systems

Netwrix Auditor provides the visibility into data sensitivity, user activity and permissions on across a wide variety of data storages and backbone systems.

Accurate data classification

Netwrix Auditor returns more accurate data classification results, so you can focus on protecting your truly valuable data instead of wasting precious time adding countless variations of the same keyword to eliminate false positives and negatives.

Non-intrusive architecture

Netwrix Auditor is a truly non-intrusive platform that operates in agentless mode so it never degrades system performance or causes any downtime.

Know your data. Protect what matters.

Customer feedback on Netwrix Auditor:

68% of customers say functionality was the primary reason for choosing Netwrix Auditor

91% say they can detect anomalous user activity before it leads to a security incident

79% believe Netwrix Auditor is a strategic investment that helps them improve overall security

Netwrix are trusted by over 10,000 customers such as Allianz, NHS, AT&T and Virgin.

They have earned more than 150 industry awards and their customer support has a 97% customer satisfaction rate.

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