Managing Flow and Occupancy with Intelligent Security Systems


Us Brits are renowned worldwide for our innate ability to form an orderly queue, and would we have it any other way? However, little did we know that a deadly pandemic would sweep across the globe, making queuing a potential killer.  


Whilst we see signs of freedom, we cannot escape the fact that the world has changed. The physical need to monitor and control the spread and the psychological effects of lockdown making people feel both anxious and nervous. 


There is now a greater demand to ensure organisations have taken steps to control movement and interactions within buildings. Whether you are in retail and want to understand the flow of customers, a business looking to see if space has too many employees at any one time or an airport wanting to ensure that passengers flow and do not become congested, modern security analytics can work for you.

Protecting Shared Spaces

Being able to monitor, gather and interpret data is one part of the journey and whilst years ago IPCCTV recorded images, modern cameras are just a node to a powerful array of tools that have transformed the Physical Security Landscape.

So, when you are asking questions like the below, is your first thought our security system could resolve this? Probably not.

  • Are we managing the flow of people through our spaces?
  • What workspaces are being used and when?
  • Do we have congestion or bottlenecks, and when?
  • How are people moving through our areas?

So outside of protecting the physical premises having an intelligent system to provide insight and analytics can transform the way you look at security. Visualising flow and patterns, locating people or objects in real-time, and interrogating data to build trends is a powerful thing.

Protecting People, Productivity and Profitability

We will always have queues but imagine if the camera and systems could capture the queue, count passengers and understand passenger movement and flow into and out of the area before and after being in the queue – what a level of insight! 


This insight will allow you to understand behaviours and predict when these may happen; operationally, this enables you to put in measures or processes to better control the space and flow to prevent overcrowding or any bottlenecks, also better utilising internal resource and providing a better customer experience.


Retail, too, thrives on footfall and queues. As our shopping centres and the local authorities who run them attempt to access Covid regeneration funds, they will likely be required to demonstrate evidence and analysis of footfall, flow, and route management and what is being done to mitigate risks.


In the Post-Covid era, surveillance and other methods of physical security are set to become major operational drivers. Data such as occupancy rates – that is, the number of people in their facilities at any given point – becoming critical for demonstrating compliance with social distancing requirements and other health mandates.


The evolution of technology has impacted every aspect of our lives, but unaware of the capabilities and artificial intelligence connecting and unifying our abilities to keep people and property safe. Security is so much more than a camera; it is the understanding and analytics that can help shape our operations and profitability, unifying our abilities to keep people and property safe.

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