Comprehensive IT Support

Our service desk process is based around ITIL standards and our service delivery standards are monitored continuously.
We offer a variety of packages to meet your business needs.

C>Ways can proactively monitor your IT infrastructure to pre-empt any IT issues before they become a problem for your business
and our customer service is second to none.


C>ways identify root cause, understand the problem & apply the resolution.

Holistic Approach

We look at all layers of our customer’s ICT environment & are happy to liaise with 3rd party suppliers where required.

Discounted Consulting

If we look after your support we offer discounted C>Ways professional services day rates,

Unlimited Calls

Our contracts have no limit to the number of calls that can be made to the service desk for technical support.

Expert Knowledge

Access to highly trained & experienced engineers who are continuously updating their qualifications & skill sets.

Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance

Monitoring provides instant visibility allowing us to prevent or repair problems quickly.

Third Party Management

Management of third party and manufacture support.

Remote Support

We are able to resolve 98% of issues remotely using our global support service.


System health checks, regular service level reviews, monthly status reports & a dedicated account manager are all part of the service.

Additional services

In addition to the benefits you receive from a support contract, we offer a range of other added value services that can be included with your service agreement.

Back up monitoring
Business continuity planning
Disaster recovery testing

We design our IT Solutions with the upmost resilience from networks to data storage to cloud solutions and offer a partial or fully Managed IT Service.

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