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Why are access control solutions important?

In today’s hyper-connected and mobile world, access and security are key to productivity. Serving a variety of verticals, a robust IP video and access control Unified Security Platform from C>Ways enhances workflow non-intrusively, controls unauthorised access and intelligently makes decisions.

From airports to hospitals, when you have a duty of care, only the most advanced Unified Security Platform is good enough. Analogue CCTV systems are not fit for digital transformation; drawbacks include poor quality images, difficulty scaling, privacy/security breaches, longer retention periods and the replacement/maintenance cost of ageing hardware.

How can C>Ways help with your access control systems?

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Why customers choose us for their access control systems

  • Over 23 years’ experience in supporting enterprise and education
  • Comprehensive portfolio of IT services to meet your needs
  • Support from UK based team
  • Experience across many different sectors
  • 24/7/365 support across the UK and Europe
  • ISO 27001/9001 and Cyber Essentials
  • Certified custom solutions to remove your challenges and pains

Benefits of our access control solutions

Security Centre from our strategic partner Genetec integrates seamlessly with other aspects of your environment including IT security systems, building management, fire and alarm systems. Working with devices from many leading manufacturers, Security Centre offers you flexibility to monitor video and manage your estate on dynamic maps, web and mobile applications for real-time peace of mind:

  • Deal with threats appropriately, from low risks to emergencies
  • Optimise security teams’ productivity via routine task automation
  • Benefit from up-to-the-minute software and analytics
  • Protect your system, data and people with at-rest and in-transit encryption, managed certificates, authenticated connectivity and automated anonymisation of video streams
  • Share incident information with third parties via secure and encrypted cloud solutions

With built-in failover and redundancy, Security Centre protects your real-time recordings from network failure and physical damage and allows you to easily and quickly store and retrieve video from the cloud.

For a robust end to end solution, our unified platform option includes an RFID-over-Wi-Fi real-time location system to help track the movements of personnel and assets. Our solutions are scalable across your sites, however geographically spread, so you can easily scale up or down as your environment changes.

Security Centre from our strategic partner Genetec integrates seamlessly with other aspects of your environment including IT security systems, building management, fire and alarm systems.

Improve situational intelligence and decision making

Mission Control™ from Genetec is a collaborative decision management system that provides complete incident management capabilities. By collecting and qualifying data from thousands of sensors and security devices, security personnel are guided through an appropriate response to meet internal policies and regulatory compliance – saving time and avoiding alarm fatigue.
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IP access control for doors and more

Your access control system (ACS) demands may encompass small premises or a multi-site facility. The intelligent Synergis system from our partner Genetec is flexible and scalable, offering the opportunity to merge access control with other security applications such as video, intrusion and communication. From educational institutes to retail, our intuitive solutions offer the latest cloud-based technology and smart features such as analytics and workflow automation.

Thinking beyond doors, an ACS can complement time and attendance systems to support HR compliance, monitor traffic-dense areas and deter misuse or theft of assets. Designed with the user in mind, our solutions offer dynamic security without complexity to create a safe, welcoming environment 24/7. With scalable, cloud-based architecture, you can rely on end to end encryption for ultimate cyber security, even for emerging threats through a continuous update program.

Frequently asked questions

That is a definite yes. If you have a main back and front door then static cameras that trap the comings and goings are ideal. These tend to be suited to situations where you won’t have a security team monitoring the activity. In these cases, an IT manager or system owner is alerted that something has happened, and they can review or remotely access the system to see what has caused the flag.

However, if you have a more complex site to manage, like a shopping centre or university campus for example, then you will want cameras that an operations team can pan, tilt, and zoom in real-time. It allows a security team to focus in on activity and prevent incidents or intervene as and when they happen.

Finally, thermal imaging cameras are very useful if you have a site where there may be night-time activity. Thermal cameras can be used to create a perimeter so that when lines are crossed they trigger an alert, when they are combined with static cameras you can build a more complete record of what is happening at various points on the site to ensure maximum surveillance.

Quality and efficiency are the main reasons. Less cabling is required, one analogue camera may require three separate cables: power, audio, video analogue. Whereas with IP camera you only require one cable. You get much more and better features with IP cameras, built in analytics with people counting. Resolution is much higher, so things are easy to spot, better compression rates so you can store more footage.
It’s a bit like the difference between the old dial up broadband (56K) and the new highspeed broadband (70Mbs or higher).

They don’t need to be at all. With the right project management team, you can have a seamless installation. If you are moving from analogue then we always recommend a phased approach, in that we suggest moving the cameras and recorders at different times to ensure continuity.

A good tip when looking for a provider is to check their fitting standards, but also their approach to planning and fitting. They should fully document how they will take on the transition and maintenance thereafter.

This depends on the size of your hard drive, the number of cameras, which recording mode (on motion, on alarm, continuously, etc.), what type of video compression you are using, quality of resolution used. Please contact our technical support directly for assistance on the calculation.

CCTV surveillance systems are generally intended to capture images and not to make movie quality videos. Recording rates of as low as 1 or 2 frames will be sufficient to capture critical moments for example, a criminal act in progress. Even at low frame rates, recording on motion, the compressed video files produced per day are huge in size. Therefore, it is not advisable to set all cameras to be recording at a high frames per second rate.

We encourage our clients to consider how they keep their CCTV solutions resilient and free from down time, so we recommend a closed network system. That way, if there is a wider network outage, such as the main company network is down, the cameras aren’t affected.

Managing employee and visitor access rights at single or multiple locations can become a complex task with many moving parts. But with safety and security on the line, you can’t afford to have a weak link or any gaps in your system.

To gain access to a restricted area, users will have to present their credentials – usually in the form of an access card – to identify themselves and enter a building or room.

It’s often a simple solution, but it performs the vital task of safely controlling entry to sensitive locations. When you consider the requirement of manufacturing facilities, commercial buildings, schools, educational campuses, leisure facilities, amusement parks, retail shopping outlets and many more, the role of access control becomes critical.

Biometric access control is a developing technology that relies on human characteristics like fingerprint scanning and facial recognition to work alongside or replace traditional means of access.

The advantages of biometrics are pushing the technology forward rapidly. For example, with cards, codes, or PINs you can never be completely certain of who has access to the card or who uses the code to gain entry. With biometrics you can be certain that only the intended user is given access, resulting in reduced loss and increased accountability.

No. Anything on or around the access point can usually be kept in place. The main changes will be in the software and the controller. Some locks may need to be changed to comply with the latest BSEN standards which can be looked at separately.

Access points are certainly not limited to doors. Turnstiles, barriers and even traffic lights can be included. Anywhere where access could be electronically controlled can benefit from being included in an access control solution.

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Case studies & testimonials

“By transporting CCTV video over our extensive metropolitan data network, we have managed to capitalise on our investment,”   “Through the support and dedication of the C>Ways team, the project has been implemented successfully, surpassing any of our original expectations.” John Kelly – IT Director for Wansbeck District Council.

If you are looking for more information why not read our useful blogs or join us for one of our events running throughout the year.

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If you are looking for more information why not read our useful blogs or join us for one of our events running throughout the year.

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