Enhance your environment with a smarter approach to video and access control

In today’s hyper-connected and mobile world, access and security are key to productivity. Serving a variety of verticals, a robust IP video and access control Unified Security Platform from C>Ways enhances workflow non-intrusively, controls unauthorised access and intelligently makes decisions.

From airports to hospitals, when you have a duty of care, only the most advanced Unified Security Platform is good enough. Analogue CCTV systems are not fit for digital transformation; drawbacks include poor quality images, difficulty scaling, privacy/security breaches, longer retention periods and the replacement/maintenance cost of ageing hardware.

IP CCTV & Access Control

Security Centre from our strategic partner Genetec integrates seamlessly with other aspects of your environment including IT security systems, building management, fire and alarm systems.

Working with devices from many leading manufacturers, Security Centre offers you flexibility to monitor video and manage your estate on dynamic maps, web and mobile applications for real-time peace of mind:

  • Deal with threats appropriately, from low risks to emergencies
  • Optimise security teams’ productivity via routine task automation
  • Benefit from up-to-the-minute software and analytics
  • Protect your system, data and people with at-rest and in-transit encryption, managed certificates, authenticated connectivity and automated anonymisation of video streams
  • Share incident information with third parties via secure and encrypted cloud solutions

With built-in failover and redundancy, Security Centre protects your real-time recordings from network failure and physical damage and allows you to easily and quickly store and retrieve video from the cloud.

For a robust end to end solution, our unified platform option includes an RFID-over-Wi-Fi real-time location system to help track the movements of personnel and assets. Our solutions are scalable across your sites, however geographically spread, so you can easily scale up or down as your environment changes.

Improve situational intelligence and decision making

Mission Control™ from Genetec is a collaborative decision management system that provides complete incident management capabilities. By collecting and qualifying data from thousands of sensors and security devices, security personnel are guided through an appropriate response to meet internal policies and regulatory compliance – saving time and avoiding alarm fatigue.
Talk to us today about your IP video options including monthly subscription, equipment lease and full security infrastructure.

IP access control for doors and more

Your access control system (ACS) demands may encompass small premises or a multi-site facility. The intelligent Synergis system from our partner Genetec is flexible and scalable, offering the opportunity to merge access control with other security applications such as video, intrusion and communication. From educational institutes to retail, our intuitive solutions offer the latest cloud-based technology and smart features such as analytics and workflow automation.

Thinking beyond doors, an ACS can complement time and attendance systems to support HR compliance, monitor traffic-dense areas and deter misuse or theft of assets. Designed with the user in mind, our solutions offer dynamic security without complexity to create a safe, welcoming environment 24/7. With scalable, cloud-based architecture, you can rely on end to end encryption for ultimate cyber security, even for emerging threats through a continuous update program.

Sector expertise

With sector expertise in schools, higher education, transport and logistics, healthcare, hospitality and leisure, retail and office space, we will find the most appropriate network solution for your current and future needs.

Higher & Further Education

Schools, Academies and MATs

Transport & Logistics


Hospitality & Leisure


Business Parks & Office Spaces

IT Solutions

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We can help with a range of solution for both physical security and cyber security. Offering improved security, control, operational efficiency, analytics and reporting.

Physical Security ¦ Cyber Security

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In today’s hyper-connected and mobile world, access and security are key to productivity. Find out more

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