Our IT solutions for logistics and transport maximise supply chain visibility, network connectivity and physical security

Rising customer demands for fast and flawless delivery is driving the need for supply chain visibility and real-time communication.

The transport and logistics industry faces increased pressure to cut costs whilst improving technological solutions and innovation. Rising customer demands for fast and flawless delivery is driving the need for supply chain visibility and real-time communication. It’s a complex and competitive sector where digital transformation is essential.

Many businesses in this sector are moving away from on-site software solutions towards integrated cloud-based technologies including warehouse management systems (WMS), transportation management systems (TMS) and predictive analytics. Even anticipatory shipping is on the horizon.

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How can C>Ways help?

From autonomous vehicle tracking to blockchain, transport and logistics operations require robust and resilient IT networking.

C>Ways consult with clients to help them harness technology that optimises efficiency, stakeholder collaboration and eliminate unnecessary delivery miles.

When every minute of downtime eats into reputation and profit, our IT solutions for logistics and transport offer the reassurance of built-in disaster recovery and no single point of failure.

We supply clients with robust and intuitive end-to-end IT support services and managed IT services, including:

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Why customers choose us

  • Over 23 years of experience in supporting enterprise and education
  • Comprehensive portfolio of IT solutions
  • 24/7 support from our UK and European team
  • Experience across many different sectors
  • ISO 27001/9001 and Cyber Essentials
  • Certified custom solutions to remove your challenges and pains

Benefits of our IT solutions for logistics and transport

• Quick and safe onboarding of BYOD (bring your own device) users and other internet-connected devices in the complex supply chain including wearables, IoT sensors and ePOD (electronic proof of delivery) devices

• Real-time data sharing across geographical locations, essential for visibility, traceability and customer communications

• Autonomous vehicle tracking and AI to optimise routes and fuel efficiency, saving money and reducing carbon footprint

• Robotics and automation in the first mile for greater accuracy and speed and to counteract labour shortages


Our state-of-the-art cloud technology solutions offer real-time control and visibility.

Partnering with Extreme Networks enables us to bring you greater resiliency, security and speed via an up-to-the-minute third-generation platform.

Through Extreme CloudIQ, we equip premises with Wi-Fi 6, a business-grade solution with access points for fast connectivity in harsh indoor and outdoor environments.

Extreme CloudIQ is moving to a fourth-generation cloud and offers ISO27001 certification to defend against cyber-attacks, achieving 99.99999% uptime.

Extreme CloudIQ also allows for a single pane of glass management of wired and wireless networks, as the first (and only) fully cloud-driven network.

Centralised security infrastructure

From warehouse to port, and pallets to vehicles, discover our intelligent physical security systems and access control solutions that protect workers, security personnel and inventories.

Through our strategic partner Genetec, we’ll replace your analogue systems with IP security within a single intuitive interface to simplify operations.

These cutting-edge security solutions are fully integrated to include access control, number plate recognition and CCTV with uninterrupted video streaming.

Rugged cameras provide high-quality digital images stored securely in the cloud for indisputable evidence in the case of false insurance claims.

One unified IP security system is sufficient for multiple sites and buildings and is also scalable should your premises expand.

Frequently asked questions

We have experience across many different sectors including Legal, Education, Transport and Manufacturing. Whatever the nuances of your industry you can be assured that we have the understanding and expertise to make a difference to you.

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Case studies & testimonials

“Training for our staff, provided by C>Ways, greatly benefited the transition to the new technologies, as staff were able to discuss any queries directly with the C>Ways team,”

Steven Saul, Alarm Receiving Centre Manager for Reay Security

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