How The Cloud is Driving Education – And How to Save Money


Technology has changed our lives and in Education has delivered flexible, engaging, and mobile learning environments. Like never before, its allowing pupils to immerse themselves in digital learning and for many centres of Education, this wouldn’t be possible without Cloud Computing.

The Cloud now delivers schools the services and technology needed at an affordable price point and allows schools to leverage benefits and technologies that may have traditionally been out of reach. However, with most schools using Microsoft and Google to deliver services, many are finding that as more data is accessed and uploaded the monthly invoices start to creep up and up.

A way to avoid this is OVHcloud. Used as a standalone provider or a complementary partner of Microsoft and Google, they are saving organisations up to 30% on the cost of Cloud.  As they do not charge for data ingress or egress and used in the right way, your organisation can make instant savings on cloud costs.

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