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It’s hard to imagine the healthcare sector without technology as it impacts on every aspect of patient care, from the first communication through diagnostics and treatment to storing their data. For patients, visiting healthcare providers can often be a time of stress and worry. Whether it’s a hospital, dental practice, private clinic or care home, they all have a duty of care that goes beyond the medical.

With a range of innovative solutions, C>Ways provide secure, reliable IT solutions that give healthcare providers peace of mind to focus on the most important thing: looking after their patients. The healthcare sector has numerous challenges to contend with, including site security, data protection, legacy devices and infrastructure, and the ongoing threat of cyber attacks. It therefore makes sense to outsource to a company who not only has experience in dealing with these challenges but can also future proof your organisation against potential pitfalls.
C>Ways offer a number of services which can improve and streamline your operations:

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Benefits of our solutions


  • Secure access
  • Data security
  • Reliable networks

Wireless and wired networks

Fast, reliable wireless and wired networks are essential to any healthcare provider. With the ongoing challenges of ever-changing data regulations, complex diagnostic devices and high-volume administrative processes, these networks are under a lot of pressure to perform.
Patients not only expect that their data is secure, they also want access to quality WiFi during their visit. WiFi networks from C>Ways give patients the ability to keep in touch with relatives, read online news and articles and stream TV and movies onto personal devices – all vital to having a happy, relaxed stay.
C>Ways can provide wireless and wired networks that also support staff activity, from desktops to Workstations on Wheels to rugged tablet PCs and clinical devices such as insulin pumps. Our robust, reliable network solutions work hard to increase productivity and staff satisfaction as well as ensuring the smooth running of day to day operations.

Site security and door access

Most healthcare providers have some sort of door access system in place, but many are outdated and inconvenient to use. The new modern systems have multiple benefits, from allowing you to monitor high security areas to managing the daily flow of employees through attendance records (particularly useful for roll calls in cases of fire or emergency). As well as restricting access to private areas, they will also protect against the theft of belongings, pharmaceuticals and equipment.
A door access system from C>Ways can be combined with a state-of-the-art CCTV and ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) system, giving you the ability to monitor and manage your entire site from one dashboard.

Storage and cloud solutions

There are many healthcare providers who still rely on outdated client-server architecture for their day to day operations, including storing medical records. Using the cloud for not just storage but for any of your on-demand computing needs is more convenient, more reliable and less expensive overall than traditional systems.
Cloud solutions from C>Ways removes the need for multiple versions of costly hardware and software, streamlining your infrastructure with a secure, scalable system. It allows you to quickly and safely share patient information and ensures you’re always using the most up to date version of any software or application. With cloud, you can take advantage of the continuing technological advances of Saas (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service).

Data security and SIEM (Security Information Event Monitoring)

The patient data held by healthcare providers is highly sensitive; holding and storing it securely is a huge responsibility. However, it’s also imperative that this data can be accessed immediately when required, whether that’s medical records, contact details, communications or diagnostic images.
It’s a sobering thought that medical records are highly valued amongst data thieves, as they hold more value on the black market than a stolen credit card number. Cyber attacks on hospitals and other healthcare providers are relentless and becoming more sophisticated by the day. Our data security solutions are robust enough to protect against daily attacks, with data encryption that complies with all relevant regulations. You will still be able to ensure validated access across any connected device, with no downtime or system degradation.
SIEM solutions have also evolved over the years, and good job too as modern IT infrastructure has become increasingly complicated, dispersed and often difficult to manage. C>Ways can design and deliver an intelligent, scalable system that tirelessly scans for potential security risks and provides real-time alerts. It’s capable of analysing huge volumes of data from minute to minute, with sophisticated threat detection and mitigation that’s constantly learning.

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