New Release

New Genetec Release Security Centre 5.10.4

Genetec Security Centre has been at the forefront of modern security operations, and the solution goes from strength to strength. Recently, further updates were made to the unified security platform, strengthening features around alert management. This article provides an overview of what’s changed in Security Centre 5.10.4.

The latest update helps security operations by allowing operators to understand which areas have alarms under maintenance. This is critical in assisting teams in determining regions to monitor and those not too. Being able to differentiate between live alarms and non-active is critical to driving efficiency, time and resources into areas that need attention.

Prior to the release of version 5.10.4, it was difficult to quickly identify areas with alarms under maintenance. In addition, security teams would need to review a list of active and inactive alarms to determine where attention was needed.

With the new features, you can now identify areas under maintenance by adding a cone icon to maps to quickly identify alarms in maintenance. This will enable operators to easily see alarms that require action and those that don’t, improving efficiency and allowing greater focus on what matters.

Already running version 5.10

Minor releases for Security Centre are updates available free of charge to all users using a major version of Security Centre. If you are already running Version 5.10 you can add this latest update and gain new capabilities.

Running version 5.9 or below

If you are running an earlier version (5.9 and below), you will need to upgrade to a later version of the software.
If you would like to discuss how to upgrade and your options, please talk to our in-house team by calling 0333 344 8971 or contacting your account manager.