Five Things You Can do With IPCCTV You Didn’t Know! 


No longer is physical security about VHS Tapes and tweaking angles of cameras to make sure you can capture as much as you like. It’s far more exciting and evolving.

It is now all about the software and not the camera. Security Centre from Genetec has become the premium solution for anyone wanting to take Physical Security and Access Control seriously.


Five Things You Can Do with Modern IPCCTV


1 – People Tracking 

An essential element is being able to monitor and track people moving through an environment. However, you can now use innovative technology like facial recognition and even interrogate data to find people based on what they are wearing. E.g., find people with a blue cap and red trainers


2 – Manage Flow and Occupancy

Busy spaces/places have always needed to manage flow and numbers, which has become even more critical with the pandemic. Getting alerts and updates on numbers in space, utilisation, and when someone may be going against the flow can help your team manage security and people hygiene in the right way.


3 – Object Tracking 

Whether it’s a dodgy looking car driving around your facilities to a suitcase left unattended, the system can remove workload and risk. With Genetec Security Centre, you can interrogate the data and see the chosen object’s movements before it is left and afterwards with ease. This allows security teams to make better and more informed decisions in real-time.


4 – Access Control

Who can access what and where has always been a dilemma? Your systems can now remotely manage access across buildings.

For example, Genetec solutions are deployed in Airports and linked to aircraft arrivals and departures. Based on the type, the system will automatically lock doors, ensuring passengers can only access areas they are allowed.


5 – Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

With integrated and unified systems, the data collected is all in one place. This means you can access everything through a single portal. The systems Artificial Intelligence can offer insight to shape your security strategy and procedures. Inbuilt communication, collaboration, and privacy protection tools also add significant value, enabling intelligence to be shared securely and compliantly, and facilitating real-time threat anticipation, intervention, and prevention.


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