Connectivity Problems – Solved in the Stars 

We have all seen Elon Musk’s driverless vehicles, Cool-Space X Rockets and have probably watched Starlink satellites moving across the night sky like a technological camel train. However, did you know that you can now utilise Starlink for your business?

Starlink was developed to offer fast, reliable internet to those with little or no connectivity and uses a constellation of low orbit satellites circling the earth. As of May this year, Starlink had 1,578 and fully operational satellites in orbit.

We are pleased to announce that we recently helped a client suffering from poor connectivity speed due to geographical location, which inhibited efficiency and everyday working. They also wanted a solution that could offer some protection and redundancy in case of a disaster. (or someone digging through the Broadband).

To meet the needs, we have installed and provided a secondary Starlink broadband connection which delivers an x10 increase on the speed that they were getting previously.

Across the UK, many communities still struggle with connectivity and have limited options. The UK Government has rolled out the ‘Gigabit Voucher Scheme‘, which gives up to £3500 towards fast connectivity. Still, solutions like Space X Starlink offer a tangible and quicker way to deliver the speed and capacity needed for digital business and better working.

So next time you see the chain of stars moving across the night sky, know that streams of data are pouring back and forth across the globe, uniting people, and empowering business.

If you would like to improve your connection speed or want to check if eligibility for a £3500 connectivity voucher, call us on 0333 344 8971 or email