£350 raised for Save the Children

In December, the management team at C>Ways pledged to donate £1 per day for each member of staff, who sent a Christmas picture of themselves all to help ‘Save the Children’.

In addition to the monies from photos, C>Ways also dug deep and made an additional donation, helping to raise a staggering £350 to help vulnerable children around the globe.

“It’s great to do our little bit to try and help those in need and I’m proud of all of the effort and donations that our staff made to this great cause” Nick Jackson- Managing Director.  

This fantastic amount will make a considerable change to many children around the world. The money goes towards things such as;

  • Buying books in their own language
  • Paying for a back-to-school kit in Indonesia
  • Providing a family who’ve fled violence in Yemen with enough food for a month
  • Buying two weeks’ worth of food for a family of five in Syria
  • Providing LED lamps to study by in Gaza, where there are just 4 hours of electricity a day
  • Providing with medicine and therapeutic food to a malnourished child

The team at C>Ways certainly got festive and creative, and lots of great pictures were shared, including some recognisable film images.