Tailored connectivity and IT infrastructure for business sites of all sizes

Good WiFi, strong internet connection and reliable access to cloud services

Whatever the size or stage of your business, finding the right premises is key to ensuring productivity and growth. It’s vital that, whatever kind of space you chose to base your business in, your office has good WiFi, strong internet connection and reliable access to cloud services.

Out-of-town business parks and multi-tenanted office buildings are popular but can present numerous challenges when it comes to installing fast, reliable internet and IT infrastructure. Sprawling sites with high buildings and green expanses miles away from the nearest exchange don’t always make for optimal connectivity conditions! Luckily C>Ways has years of experience in this area.

How can C>Ways help?

Do you operate a Hot Desk policy? Do you hold regular meetings that require video conferencing facilities? Do you often have visitors that need access to your WiFi? By asking these and many more questions, we can paint a detailed picture of the solutions that best suit your business.

We will then design and deliver a bespoke IT solution that is completely tailored to your company and your premises. C>Ways can monitor and manage your wireless network through our cloud controller software, or give you the option to manage it yourself, with our support. We can also manage your local networks too, taking care of workspaces, printers and servers.

Book a free network audit today. Whatever sector you work in, there’s a sustainable solution that dynamically scales with your organisation’s needs.

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Why customers choose us

  • Over 23 years’ experience in supporting enterprise and education
  • Comprehensive portfolio of IT services to meet your needs
  • Support from UK based team
  • Experience across many different sectors
  • 24/7/365 support across the UK and Europe
  • ISO 27001/9001 and Cyber Essentials
  • Certified custom solutions to remove your challenges and pains

Benefits of our solutions

Our expert engineers will perform a detailed site survey, taking into account all these aspects and also how your business works on a day to day business.

We know that in order to enjoy optimal internet and WiFi coverage in business parks and shared office spaces there are several aspects to consider:

• Size and age of building (type of construction, layout, capacity)
• Quantity and type of devices that require connectivity
• BYOD policies
• Frequency of video conferencing
• Current sources of interference and locations of dead spots
• Venue and environmental obstacles

Frequently asked questions

We have experience across many different sectors including Legal, Education, Transport and Manufacturing. Whatever the nuances of your industry you can be assured that we have the understanding and expertise to make a difference to you.

Head Office: 0333 344 8971 | London Office: 0203 475 8555

Case studies & testimonials

“C-ways brought our Business parks and farms into the 21st century by delivering superfast internet for all, the service is reliable and has transformed the way we do business.” – Dawnay Estates

If you are looking for more information why not read our useful blogs or join us for one of our events running throughout the year.

Here to help

If you manage a business park or multi-tenanted site, get in touch to find out how using a centrally managed network service can reduce your overheads and maximise connectivity.



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