Congratulations you have made it this far.

Whether you are dieting, seeking a new fitness regime, or looking to make this year one of those special years to cherish there can be things that can dampen our spirits and frankly leave us less than motivated. Today is one of those days. Welcome to Blue Monday!

The third Monday in January is ‘Blue Monday’, calculated as the gloomiest day of the year. The concept surfaced in 2005 during a press release from British travel company, Sky Travel, with a theory from Dr. Cliff Arnal a psychologist.

Dr Arnal created his his theory and day by calculating the day with the highest “depression factor” he accounted for factors such as the average temperature (C), days since last pay (P), days until next bank holiday (B), average hours of daylight (D) and the number of nights in during the month (N). By Adding all of these cheerful factors together, he argued that the third Monday in January was the most depressing day of the year. This also presents a day with one of the highest levels of absence. (If your absent welcome to Tuesday)

There are also additional factors that contribute to low employee moral that take toll on the workplace. These can include returning to work after annual leave, debt from Christmas, failing New Year’s resolutions (we’ve all been there) and dark and dreary mornings.

Aside from the misery we share in this blog upbeat ways that technology can lighten the mood and get our happy endorphins flowing. So before falling into despair remember how you can use technology to make yourself feel good.


How Technology Can Help Overcome the Blues


Tech Creates a Support Network in the workplace

Technology is the easiest way for many to communicate – especially given the current pandemic. Creating a digital support network can help colleagues, communicate, share their progress, and ask questions.

Even just a text message or email to let them know that you’re thinking of them can make a big difference to how someone feels and can make them feel less alone and isolated.

Confidentiality – Keeping Things Between us

According to Willis Towers Watson’s Global Benefits Attitudes Survey 2018.

As many as one in two (45%) employees would not comfortable disclosing stress or anxiety issues to their manager,

Technology can provide a front when it comes to confidential issues. While many may not feel comfortable talking about issues to employers or peers in person, technology can

provide digital resources, support groups and confidential helplines to help us share problems and concerns.

Your Health influences Wellbeing

It has come to light that moderate intensity exercise is great for the mind. It releases endorphins, and these endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body. Whilst the thought of some exercise can be scary for a lot of people there are many ways that technology can motivate you to get up and active. Exercise can boost your mood, self-esteem, energy and sleep quality, plus it can reduce your risk of certain health problems. Couch to 5k app –

Developed by the NHS couch to 5K is for everyone. Whether you’ve never run before, or you just want to get more active. It is a free and easy way of getting fitter and healthier using very little equipment, and no time restraints to fit into your lifestyle. Running regularly can also be a great stress reliever and has even been shown to combat depression.

Meet Fitbit and wearable Fitness Tech

Fitbit (other brands are available) uses smart technology to transform your health. A wearable device can uncover important changes on your health metrics, manage your body’s response to stress, monitor your heart rate, use sleep tracking tools and the list goes on. In addition being able to tick daily exercise targets off your to-do list promotes happiness.

Helping with Mental Health

Aside from Blue Monday, we all face increasing stresses, pressures and anxiety especially with the pandemic. Here again technology can provide a solution. There are many apps available today to help with your mental health. ‘Calm’ has become the number one app for sleep, meditation and relaxation. It was named by the Centre for Humane Technology as “the world’s happiest app”. They offer paid and free versions as well as a large pool of free resources available here

A few other meditation apps are Headspace, Aura, Mindful are also available but the key message here is, using one of these to focus on something other than work and stress can make a huge difference to your everyday.

Mobile banking – Stops the Cash Machine Worry!

Computer says “Insufficient Funds”! Worrying about finances causes major concerns. The connected world has removed some of this worry by allowing us to keep

track of your finances on the go. Many online banking apps also offer a variety of tools to help you manage your money. These can cover budgeting tips, budget calculators, saving tools and tips and much more. There are also many blogs that can offer tips and tricks, a good one used by many is Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert He offers tips on slashing household bills, insurance, income and budgeting, mortgages, and homes.


So, let’s hope these tips and technology solutions can help you through your Blue Monday and we go positively through to the happiest day of the year. as long, warm days allow people to spend more time with friends and family outdoors, boosting happiness levels. July 14 is considered the happiest day of the year – Not long now!