Compliant, enterprise-class functionality to capture the contact details of your guests in line with changing government guidelines

Collecting contact details

Capture the contact details of your customers in line with changing government guidelines

Purple provides you with the ability to capture the contact details of your customers before they enter the venue using the guest WiFi authentication process.

Visitors are advised to connect to WiFi, where they will be presented with the Test & Trace registration page where they’ll submit their contact information, ensuring that you capture all the relevant details required by government guidelines.

Seamless login

Customers only need to provide their details once

In order to speed up the process and make sure customers are not required to provide the same details over and over again, on returning to the venue, the Test & Trace system will recognise them as a previous visitor and give them the ability to ‘Sign-in automatically’ with a single click.

Visitors will also have the option register with new details if they wish when returning to the venue.

Easier contact tracing

Automatically log when customers arrived

As well as capturing the contact information of the visitor, Purple will also automatically log the time and date of their visit through our platform, applying an additional level of detail to the information and making it easier to identify any visitors that may have been exposed to another visitor who is showing symptoms.

Compliant with all privacy laws

Compliance delivered on your behalf

All contact and personal information is captured in compliance with all global data & privacy regulations such as GDPR & CCPA and is held securely within the Purple platform.

Managed contact tracing

Ease the burden of any requests

If unfortunately, one of your visitors tests positive for COVID-19, our solution will be able to identify everybody else that was present in the venue at the same time. We can coordinate with authorities on your behalf and ensure that all visitors are alerted that they may have come into contact with someone that has tested positive.

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