As part of our commitment to always keep our customers safe and remain ahead of the curve when it comes to cyber threats we have made considerable investment in expanding our Cyber Security offering. We are now able to offer end to end security all underpinned by our outstanding technical and support services. Take a look below to find out more or get in touch with one of the team who’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Data Security

Our Data Security solutions offer data and auditing tools that empower information security and governance professionals to reclaim control over sensitive, regulated and business-critical data, regardless of where it resides. Many organisations rely on solutions to secure sensitive data, realise the full business value of enterprise content, pass compliance audits with less effort and expense, and increase the productivity of IT teams and knowledge workers.

Phishing Services & End-user Education

Working with the market leader in awareness training and simulated phishing platforms that helps you manage the ongoing problem of social engineering. Human error accounts for over 80% of cyber-attacks, by simulating these attacks you can assess your employees and offer training from the largest platform on the market to educate employees to reduce the impact on your business. Ongoing awareness training is imperative as the attack surface is forever changing.

Insider Threat & Cyber Hygiene

The solution provides unparalleled cybersecurity that protects what matters most – your people, data, and reputation. The platform offers the deepest visibility and immediate end-to-end protection of your organization’s kill chain. Understanding human and device behavioural patterns is essential to protecting against insider risks – malicious, careless, or accidental.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA is best practice for layered data and privacy security. Our MFA solution integrates seamlessly with Microsoft’s Active Directory and other LDAP solutions, allowing you to reutilise your existing authentication database infrastructure, avoiding the need to re-architect, deploy, backup and manage a secondary user database.

Identity & Access Management / Single Sign-on / PAM

Identity theft is rapidly increasing and is the fastest form of gaining control and stealing data from your network, with a combination of Identity Management, Single Sign-on (SSO) and Privilege Access Management (PAM) we offer unparalleled protection.

We offer Next Generation SSO for web, native mobile & thick client desktop apps, enabling control of user access while delivering a return on investment. The service can be rapidly deployed, even in the most complex enterprise environments. The solution works with all common directory structures and provides seamless SSO for all enterprise applications, including web apps such as Office 365 and Salesforce, and legacy apps such as mainframe and Telnet. We also work with Windows, Mac OS X, Windows Mobile, Apple IOS and Android and is compatible with Citrix XenDesktop, XenApps and StoreFront.

User provisioning to assist in rapid deployment of users, policies, access rights, applications makes light work for IT professionals when on and off boarding employees. From a new employee’s first day to the day they leave, automated provisioning enables you to ensure that the right level of application access is given to the right people. New employees can be quickly on-boarded and access can be quickly ceased when they leave.

Data Loss Protection (DLP)

With businesses of all shapes and sizes generating more data than ever our DLP offerings enable customers to monitor, control and protect their data whilst stored statically and during motion across their networks. DLP can be utilised to enforce and follow the policies set out by your team internally to prevent unauthorised access, use or leakage of your data.

AD Security

Our dedicated AD security offering represents a bold new way of addressing your security posture. AD has become a huge risk area for businesses and presents a huge weak spot for hackers to break in and spread laterally within a business. Existing security solutions can often not see these attacks as hacker movements are often compliant with your security policies and monitored objects remain unaltered. With our offering we can detect misconfigurations and detect attacks before widespread action has been taken by the hackers.