The world is once again excited about the latest launch from Apple and as the world returns to a new degree of normality and you find yourself commuting again, we look at ways that the iPhone 13 can help relieve the stress of traveling and make you productive again.

In this article. we have rounded up a few tips and features that can help you get the most out of your new iPhone 13 in your day-to-day life and work life.


1 – Sign Documents with Ease

No longer have a printer or a scanner at home but often need to sign documents electronically? No problem, Apple now offer a way to digitally sign your documents. You can use a stored digital signature or sign it on the phone screen.

This is what you need to do.  

  • Take a screenshot and tap the thumbnail to open it
  • On the lower right corner, click the + sign.
  • Select signature.
  • Sign it either on the screen or using one you have stored
  • Once you have a sig, hit Done, and then drag it up on to the document in the screenshot. Place it, resize it, and save it to send.


2 – Concentrate with Focus mode

Want to focus and stop people interrupting you? This setting does just that. You can select specific people who can interrupt you or apps as well as times and locations.

Using ‘Focus Mode’ you can set up multiple scenarios e.g. one for work and one for home life. Which is great if you use the same phone for work and homelife.

You can also schedule when you want your different scenarios to come into action as well as customising the home screens for each specification.

This is what you need to do. 

Go to Settings > Focus


3 – Typing made intuitive – swipe type

iOS 13 has a new default setting on the keyboard that enables you to swipe type. Just drag your finger across the keyboard, and its as simple as that. This one may take a bit of getting used to but once you get the hang of it is classed as a quicker way of typing.


4 -Reminders gets a great revision

iOS 13 has completely given the reminders app a full revamp. You can have and overview of how many reminders you currently have.

See how many are due today, as well as how many you have in each of your lists.

To add a new task

  • Tap All, then tap the + buttons under each of your categories to add a new task.
  • To change a task’s category
  • Tap the blue “i” after tapping on that specific task to see your options

This also applies to adding a reminder date/time.


5 – Scan Multiple Pages Into a PDF

This one is a game changer. iOS13 allows you to take a picture of all the pages in a physical document and put them together into one long PDF.

This is how you do it.

  • Hold down your finger on the Notes app icon
  • You get an instant menu of things to do, examples are;
  • Add a new note
  • Scan Document
  • Add a new checklist
  • You can then go in and view it page by page in the app, or share it with others.


6 – Mouse Around the iPhone

Connect a Bluetooth mouse to your iPhone, and set it up to mimic your fingers? Ideal for more control when using a smaller screen.

To do this follow the following steps;

  • Go to Settings
  • Accessibility
  • Touch
  • Assistive Touch, and turn it on.
  • Scroll down to Devices
  • Bluetooth Devices
  • Turn on your Bluetooth device, and pair it here.
  • Customize the mouse clicks to reflect how you use your fingers.


7 – Enhanced Password Security

Cyber security is a huge challenge and the new iPhone13 has some handy features to help protect your personal assets.

Want to know if your passwords have been breached – No problem, It can tell you if a password you have saved has appeared in a known data breach/leaks. It will also suggest you make changes if you have duplicated passwords, as each password you have should be unique.

Settings > Passwords > Security Recommendations.

8 – Set Face ID to work with a mask on

Whilst not yet a feature, Apple are working on a workaround on iPhone 13 allowing you to use facial recognition whilst wearing PPE or a mask. Even though masks are not mandatory anymore many people will still be using these on commutes and in busy areas.

To do this follow the following steps.

  • To begin with Set up a normal Face ID with your face uncovered.
  • Then, set up an Alternative Appearance.
  • Fold a mask in half and scan half your face with it. you may need to move it around a little if you are getting errors.
  • Finally test it.


We hope that these tech tips help you make the most of your commute and iPhone 13 and should you need help with any of your tech (not your phone however) please say hi at or call 0333 344 8971