10 Cyber Security Statistics of 2021


Cybersecurity continues to be a big focus for everyone, further fuelled by the continued drivers of digital transformation and remote working.

As CompTIA members we have access to leading industry reports and research and in this blog, we want to share a recent article by Scott Campbell of CompTIA which highlights the top 10 Cyber Security Statistics of 2021.

There is no doubt that last year saw an increased need for focus around security and trends show that this will continue through 2022.


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We have picked out some highlights:


37% Are Somewhat or Very Concerned for their Organization’s Cyber Resilience


42% of Companies Have Cyber Insurance


65% of Businesses Don’t Require Their Customers to Carry Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance should be standard for your company, but also your customers, according to Brian Weiss, a CompTIA ISAO member and CEO of ITECH Solutions, based in San Luis Obispo, Calif. “You have a higher chance of getting hit with a cyber incident than of having a fire. Your clients already are paying for things less likely to happen, so why not consider cyber insurance?” Weiss said in November. In a LinkedIn poll, a total of 65% said they don’t require it, including a surprising 22% that went so far to say their customers’ cyber insurance is none of their business.


69% Believe State of Cybersecurity Is Improving


Number of Hackers Is the No. 1 Issue Driving Cybersecurity

Businesses face a wide range of issues when it comes to evaluating their cyber resiliency and planning their security investments, according to the 2021 State of Cybersecurity report. But the volume (chosen by 49% of respondents) and variety of attacks (chosen by 43%) are top of mind.

“Next, they are concerned about guarding their customers’ privacy. From there, they are dealing with a growing reliance on data for business operations, the ability to quantify cybersecurity efforts to justify investments, and the different types of skills needed for success. In fact, companies may be underestimating many of these issues—regulatory compliance in particular is likely to be a major challenge moving forward,” according to the report.


62% of MSPs Are Very Concerned About Being Targeted


31% of CompTIA ISAO Members Earned an A Risk Rating


24% of Businesses Have Been Significantly Impacted by a Cyberattack

Security Monitoring Is Top Security Practice in Place

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